The Great Cover-Up: a.k.a. Hoo-Doo You Think I Am?


24″ x 30″ (62x76cm) acrylic

This painting, The Great Cover-Up: a.k.a. Hoo-Doo You Think I Am? is a response to the overwhelming adjustment of our recent move from the city with a population of 1.25 million to a little community of about 5500 people.

While paying tribute to the rich fabric of the multicultural heritage of our province through various masks of ethnic origin, I also play with the notion that masks are often used emotionally—“Oh, I’m fine. Yes, I’m adjusting quite nicely.” We carefully construct a personal mask behind which we believe is safety. We guard against vulnerability.

Standing for nearly an eternity, yet by their very nature ever eroding and evolving, the Badlands Hoo-Doos exemplify the paradox that in vulnerability is strength.

Bridging the border image of masks to the Hoo-Doos is a green band in which geometric shapes seem to spell I M O K (“I’m OK”).

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