Work in Progress

20" x 60" acrylic

20″ x 60″ acrylic

Work in Progress

Incorporating Michelangelo’s Adam from the Sistine Chapel, his image begins in pixels and is gradually revealed as the man–a process that begins in obscurity, but ends in clarity.   Positioned over it all is God’s hand about to impart life into Adam.

The arms and hands from all directions seem to connect over the whole image and seem to indicate a continual flow between past, present and future. Could the hand also be Adam’s hand reaching back to his  past? We learn from our past as our own life progresses, perfected as we grow and learn and mature.

The limited information given by the pixel image on the left, compared to that given by Adam’s portrait, implies that no technology, however helpful and convenient, can replace the real and genuine encounter of face to face!

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