Conceptual Art


Border Series

“”What does it mean?” I’m often asked. I like to reply with, “Does the painting seem to tell you about something? Do you have a sense of what it might mean to you?”

Most certainly, my art has specific meaning to me. More often than not, my painting is a working out of an issue or a feeling or a concern.

However, the very nature of art is that it speaks to each one of us in a unique language, a very private revelation. The meaning I find may not be what others see. I get excited when others dare to share with me what they think my paintings mean. It is thrilling when their interpretation is different than my own. Beauty, and the interpretation thereof,  is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Untiled--Ellen Nobel

Persian Carpet Series

1,2, What Should I Do?--Ellen Nobel

Interiors & Exteriors Series

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