A Little About Me

Ellen Nobel was just a wee girl when she discovered that the coin left by the tooth fairy was useful to cover her walls with marks. She discovered something wonderful, and from then on Ellen knew she was an artist.

Ellen was born in Netherlands and, while yet an infant, crossed the globe to settle in Canada.

She studied at Alberta College of Art & Design and later entered the University of Calgary Fine Art program to answer 3 fundamental art questions. “How to Paint” was easy enough to tackle. The next 2 questions remain an ongoing quest: “What to Paint” (on what? with what? about what?) and “Why Paint?” Ellen’s work needed to be more than a record of an exercise in composition, light, and color. The narrative, the working out of an issue, however cryptic or vague, is critical to Ellen.

Few things are more exciting than that single moment when, sometimes after months of struggle, everything on the canvas pulls together, and the solution is born.

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